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Bringing an original and unique dining experience to Houston, BORI introduces the first authentic South Korean inspired steakhouse by using the finest and highest quality meats for a complete exposure to the cultural flavor and essence of Korean taste. This clean and fun atmosphere is a landmark destination for local and international food enthusiasts in search of the best Korean food in town!

BORI is one of the few restaurants that offers selections of A5 Wagyu from Japan, Dry‐Aged Steaks, Filet Mignon, & our favorite Marinated Boneless Short Rib. We are equipped with the best ventilation system in Houston, so you won’t leave the restaurant smelling like BBQ. The table servers are trained to ensure a perfectly cooked meal while maintaining a fun and eye catching experience for the customers.

BORI Private Dining Sections:

 8 people per room (option to expand up to 3 room) 24‐30 people max in total

 65” Rolling TV for presentations

 $400 minimum spending (avg spending around $50 per head)

What makes BORI unique is not only the food we serve, but also our special amenities as well. BORI has an exclusive art gallery that showcases the owner’s family art collection and other well‐known Korean artists in the Houston area. The art gallery space can be rented out for private events & special occasions. On the other side of the restaurant you can notice a terrace area known as the “Peace Garden” which promotes the unity of Korea and pays tribute for those who suffered during the wars.

BORI promises an entertaining experience with the freshest ingredients and the friendliest staff to cater your every need!


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