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We produce craft sauces meant to contribute to your food, not cover it up. We pride ourselves on selecting only the freshest ingredients for all of our products.

Meet the Owners!

Houston Sauce Co. was started by husband and wife duo, Courtney and Chasitie Lindsay. With dreams of entering the culinary world, Courtney would spend 2 years developing his special hot sauce which would eventually launch on Super Bowl Weekend 2017. They were able to get the sauces into various restaurants and food stores throughout Houston, and gained a following from the exposure.

Later that same year, they decided to invest in a BBQ Trailer. Little did they know, they would also decide soon after, to commit to a Vegan lifestyle. With this new and sudden change, they were uncertain about how to move forward with the BBQ Trailer. Chasitie would convince her husband to offer a vegan menu instead. From then on they would agree to move forward as a Vegan company.

The former BBQ Trailer made its debut with an event called “Grill & Chill” at Natural Souls Hair Cottage. Chasitie at this time was a DJ and would play music while Courtney and his team offered up vegan eats. A few events later, Tunes & Taste Buds was birthed from an idea a friend of theirs had to do an event called “Tupac & Tacos”. They loved the idea so much that they continued with more events that paired food and music. Events like “Beyonce & Boudain”, “New Jack Swing + Cauliwings”, “Gucci & Gumbo” and the list goes on and on.

Their following began to grow with each event! Courtney and Chasitie were no longer working their day jobs, and after much prayer and consideration they decided to go after this rare opportunity to expand the Houston Sauce Co. brand by purchasing a Food Truck. They named it Houston Sauce Kitchen, offering a variety of Vegan Comfort foods with H-town flare.

Since it’s official launch back in April 2018, Houston Sauce Kitchen has been deemed one of the best vegan spots in Houston! People travel from near and far to try some of their staple items like Cauliwings, Big Hot Chik’n Sammich and their Crunchy Boudain Sushi Roll.

They’ve also expanded the brand by adding a Vegan Storefront called Sauce Co. Shoppette, selling all 9+ sauces they have to offer, Grab N Go meals, Fresh Juices and more. They even brought back the original BBQ Trailer to launch Houston Sauce Pit as a sister company, serving amazingly tasty Vegan BBQ. Other projects are in development as we speak, so stay tuned for what Houston Sauce Co. has to offer next!


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