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The mission of the Memorial Park Conservancy is to preserve, restore, and enhance Memorial Park for the enjoyment of all Houstonians, today and tomorrow.

The Conservancy

Memorial Park’s sheer size (1,500 acres, nearly twice the size of Central Park) and central location – in the heart of Houston –  make it distinctive nationally. Further distinguishing Memorial Park is its cultural history as a former WWI training camp – Camp Logan – where 70,000 soliders trained for battle. It is the only such camp remaining in the United States that has not been developed and is an archeologically protected site because of its role in WWI and the archeological features that remain. Memorial Park is where the sport of jogging was popularized nationally by Seymour Lieberman, the namesake for the Park’s locally-popular and nationally-acclaimed jogging trail.

Memorial Park Conservancy is a private, nonprofit organization that operates and maintains 1,100 of the Park’s 1,500 acres. The Conservancy’s mission is to restore, preserve and enhance Memorial Park for the enjoyment of all Houstonians, today and tomorrow.

Founded in 2000, Memorial Park Conservancy aspires to implement principles of exceptional park management and stewardship in a successful public-private partnership with the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD). In 2015, Memorial Park Conservancy took over the day-to-day operations and maintenance of 1,100 of the 1,500 acres of Memorial Park.

Memorial Park Conservancy advances our mission through the following areas of focus:

  • ConservationIncluding restoration of native ecosystems, stormwater management, improving  soils through the BioCycle Program, managing the Native Grow-Out Program, reforestation and tree care, watering and irrigation, invasive species control, wildlife conservation and fire protection zones.
  • Amenity Design, Construction and MaintenanceIncluding new and existing trails, new buildings and construction, and existing facility maintenance.
  • Community Involvement and EducationIncluding volunteer conservation and forestry work, community events, newsletters and social media, and advocating for Park needs.
  • Leading an Informed Master PlanIn collaboration with Houston Parks and Recreation Department and Uptown Development Authority, built on the guiding principles of restoring the Park’s ecological systems and creating greater resiliency; reconnecting the Park’s land, waterways, trails, and people; consolidating compatible uses together in appropriate areas; tending to the land and the Park’s cultural history, maintaining balance through responsible management; and enhancing the overall Park experience and amenities.


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