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Screaming Sams

Screaming Sams


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Hot Chicken is a project of love, it takes hours of prepping, pounds of exotic spices, and quality minimally processed chicken to deliver the deep, smoky, juicy, spicy chicken that it is now. There is a reason big chains have backed out of offering Hot Chicken, it’s because they don’t have the dedication,  heart, and trust that the public will enjoy something that is genuinely this deep in flavor and spice.

We here at Screaming Sams set out on a mission to put forth the best of what Hot Chicken has to offer, by researching the best flavors from around the country, and making sure that even the drinks we offer compliment the food we serve, which lead to the creation of our Perfect Pairing; a combo that is like no other on the market today. Spicy flavorful chicken, Cajun seasoned fries, complimented by our exclusive, in house designed and made  smoothies, that perfectly compliment our chicken with a sweet, slightly tangy and cooling mint flavor.


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